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It gives me a migraine headache thinking down to your level
ветеран looking glass Дэн Шмидт в своем блоге вспоминает о… 
23rd-Feb-2011 03:56 pm
ветеран looking glass Дэн Шмидт в своем блоге вспоминает о разработке ultima underworld:

Our producer from Origin was Warren Spector, already a pretty important guy in the industry but someone who has since received yet more accolades for working on, well, Ultima Underworld, not to mention other games such as System Shock (with us), Deus Ex, and Epic Mickey. He is a super down-to-earth guy and we wasted no time in making fun of him, which he took with impressive grace. I guess it was a tradition at Origin to insert characters based on Warren into their games, so we figured we had to as well. Luckily we already had a “spectre” type of monster so it took no work to name one of them Warren. We made sure that Warren was in town the day that Tim was reading through the daily bug report list and said “Bug: There is no reference in the game to Warren Spector”, to which the rest of us immediately piped up, “Fixed!” without further explanation, much to Warren’s chagrin.
23rd-Feb-2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
про красный спорткар лучше
время богатырей и героев!
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