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прекрасная статья на gamasutra (по традиции, с отличными комментариями) про то, как игровая индустрия со смехом кладет органы на собственную историю - материалы разработки старых игр и сурс-коды буквально выбрасываются на помойку:

One such company contacted was an electronics manufacturer that once previously produced video game consoles and software. The company conducted a search for all available video game artifacts in its overseas corporate archive for the purpose of this article.

A stunning reply was given: no video game material such as hardware, software, or source code could be found in its official corporate archive. The company would eventually decline to participate in this article entirely, but did promise to further investigate why its historic video game legacy could not be found in its own internal archive.

Sadly, the tragic fact remains that a lot of video game artifacts were either dumped in trash bins, or abandoned altogether.


As we are a very young medium, we are just touching the surface of this problem as the earliest games start to become unplayable (on their original hardware). Thankfully, an Atari game can be backed up in a file smaller than an animated GIF, and can be emulated on anything on down to a pocket calculator . . . so legal dilemma's aside, the danger of completely losing these games doesn't need to be faced yet, with the excepting of losing their source code and design docs, of course.

но это еще ладно! сегодня же, в наше чудесное прогрессивное время игры превратились в сервисы - а кому нужно сохранять и коллекционировать сервисы, верно? ведь сервис - он такой: пару лет просуществовал и закрылся

медиа XXI-го века my ass.
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